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How to register a new company

It’s quite easy to register a new company with us - all you need to do is to complete the form using the link below, pay (by Paypal preferably) and that’s it!  Your company will be supplied within a week in most cases.

These days, every new company requires (as a minimum) a director but there is no longer a requirement for a company secretary.  We therefore form every company (unless requested otherwise) with a single director who will own the single subscribers share.

Any further directors or secretary can be appointed later, and indeed more shares can easily be issued.  The thing is to form the company so that the bank account can be opened, and any other matters can be dealt with as soon as possible.

We supply just the entry level of company on-line, as follows:

The Epackage - 87 inc VAT - which contains:

To buy a company please click HERE

If you have any different formation requirements, please let us know by email - click here

How to wind up a company

There are several different ways to wind up a company when it is no longer required, whether because of retirement, sale, or if for any reason the company has failed.

Most of these methods will require the appointment of a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner and naturally there will be a cost for this service (in excess of 2,000 plus expenses) .  We are not Licensed Insolvency Practitioners and therefore a specialist third party will need to be approached.  This route will be required in the case of the following liquidations:

If a company is solvent AND has net distributable assets of less than 25,000 then an informal liquidation can take place.  For the procedure on simple winding up with company assets of less than 25,000 click here