Richard's Kilimanjaro trip 5/1/07 to 15/1/07

Mount Kilimanjaro sits on the northern boundary of Tanzania and Kenya, and is at 19,340 feet (5,896 meters) the highest freestanding walkable mountain in the world. There is less than half of the amount of air at the top compared to sea level, so I really noticed the lack of oxygen which sapped my stamina so that it was hard to keep climbing.

To put the different routes into context, here's a superb PDF map of the mountain taken from a very useful website called ROUTEMAP

The same author produces a book on how to climb the mountain which I found most useful and would recommend it for any future trips. Details are on the above-mentioned website.

I took the Rongai Route to the top of the mountain, and attached is the map issued to us at the start which details the route we were to take, in PDF format: MAP

My photos are also available on the following button

As a mark of the achievement, I was presented with a certificate, and here it is ... CERTIFICATE

Here is a word document detailing the trip I made, compiled from the notes I made at the time TRIP LOG

Finally, here's a list of the kit I took with me (I used pretty much all of this) KIT LIST